Responsible service of alcohol is essential for legal, health and community reasons. Society is now less tolerant of irresponsible consumption of alcohol that leads to violence, disorderly conduct and social problems.

    • Ashfield RSL is very aware of its responsibilities under the Liquor Act and general community expectations. Accordingly, Ashfield RSL will –
    • Not serve alcohol to, or allow entry of persons who are intoxicated.
    • Not sell or supply liquor to persons under the age of eighteen or persons buying alcohol for minors.
    • Prohibit promotional and advertising activities that encourage excessive or rapid drinking or intoxication or unfairly target women or men.
    • Allow the Duty Manager to cease the selling of alcoholic shots, doubles or restrict the quantities of drinks purchased at any time.
    • Make available free water, non alcoholic or low alcoholic beverages, food and advice on safe travel at all times.
    • Actively monitor the behaviour and state of patrons to detect early signs of intoxication or inappropriate behaviour.
    • Maintain a reasonable level of security including appropriately licensed personnel where required.
    • Establish good communications with Police and patrons and maintain an Incident Register.
    • Train all our Staff in Responsible Service of Alcohol practices and the principles of the Burwood Licensing Accord.
    • Respect our neighbours and take all necessary steps to ensure patrons are mindful of our obligations to the good order and quiet of our neighbourhood when on or leaving premises.
    • Ensure membership and active participation in the Burwood Liquor Accord.


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Player Activity Statements are available on request to the Office.

Ashfield RSL bases its Conduct of Gambling Policy on the ClubsNSW Problem Gambling Policy and Best Practice Guidelines.

These Best Practice Guidelines represent an approach where the environment in which gambling is conducted minimises harm and meets community expectations.

Ashfield RSL aspires to achieve a harm minimisation objective in their gambling operations by:

    • Providing gambling services and practices that conform to all applicable Acts and Regulations.
    • Promoting responsible gambling practices that conform to local community standards and expectations.
    • Establishing a patron complaint resolution process.
    • Implementing policies to encourage responsible practices in advertising and promotions related to gambling and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
    • Developing a policy that ensures all legislative requirements related to cheque cashing, payment of winnings and financial transactions are implemented and encourages patrons to develop responsible practices in the use of finances for gambling purposes.
    • Introducing procedures for handling personal information relating to gambling patrons in a club to protect their rights of privacy.
    • Establishing a pleasant and safe gambling environment.
    • Informing and training staff on legislative requirements, harm minimisation issues, the risks of not complying with legislative requirements or not adopting and practising harm minimisation strategies and taking appropriate steps to promote patron and employee care.
    • Encouraging patrons to take responsibility for their gambling activity through an effective self-exclusion procedure or other mechanisms.
    • Informing patrons and staff of the club’s responsible gambling policy and program, the nature of gambling products and the availability of support services for problem gamblers.
    • Developing links between the club and relevant community organisations that will provide support and advice for problem gamblers and their families.
    • Ensure Staff are required to possess a RCG Certificate through an approved Registered Training Organisation prior to employment.
    • Provide Player Activity Statements on request.


Registered clubs are bound by the legal restrictions and provisions dealing with advertising, including those which derive from the prohibitions of misleading or deceptive conduct in Section 52 of the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act, the Fair Trading Act, the Registered Clubs Act and Regulation, the Gaming Machines Act 2001, and the Gaming Machines Regulation 2002.

When developing and undertaking advertising and the promotion of gambling this club will give consideration to the following guidelines:

    • Ensure that any advertising promoting or giving publicity to gaming machine gambling only appears inside the club’s premises, and cannot be seen or heard from outside the premises.
    • Be truthful and accurate at all times.
    • Avoid emphasis on winning without balanced recognition that players also are likely to lose. For example, advertising can indicate that gambling is a form of entertainment, but must not reinforce false perceptions and beliefs.
    • Avoid advertising that promotes gambling as a solution to financial problems or gives the impression that gambling is a strategy to use for financial betterment.
      Avoid conduct or any advertising claim that could be misleading or might deceive the public.
    • Use language that customers will understand.
      Inform people of applicable terms, conditions and limitations of any offer or contest, including requirements for entry, time limits, prize limits, provisions in relation to the resolution of disputes or problems.
    • Don’t be involved in conduct in relation to anyone under a special disadvantage, which would offend the conscience of a reasonable person.
      Not deliberately target disadvantaged or vulnerable groups in a manner designed to encourage excessive gambling.
    • Not offer a false understanding of how gambling technology works.
    • Not supply or use goods and services that are falsely represented.
    • Not offer gifts or prizes without the intention of providing them as offered.
    • Not offer limited special prices or limited prizes, to misleadingly entice customers (‘bait advertising’).
    • Not use alcohol or alcohol related promotions to encourage longer periods of play or higher levels of spending.
    • For all visible promotional and advertising matter, include a statement that it is provided for the information of members and their guests. This also applies for audible promotional material.
    • Arrange for displays or advertising within clubs that present the gambling content responsibly.
    • Have clear guidelines and procedures regarding special offers and club competitions to ensure they are run in conformity with all published and approved conditions.
      Have the required G-line information on any ‘player card’ or ‘player activity statement’.
    • Not portray people in a way that discriminates against or vilifies a person or section of the community on account of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, age, sexual preference, religion, disability or political belief.
    • Not be aimed at people under the age of 18.
    • For permitted forms of gambling advertising such as Keno, is conducted in accordance with the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice


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